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CUELEES ONLY PROVIDES USERS WITH AN AMERICAN BILLIARD CUE WITH A HIGH DEGREE OF FREEDOM. At the beginning of its establishment, the modular design concept with a high degree of freedom was what the Culees team had been exploring. To realize this concept, Cuelees has conquered the micron-scale deformation treatment of wood. The error of forelimb maple and grip wood is controlled at the micron level, and the domestic full-brand club forelimb grip is matched with each other, which can provide users with a high degree of freedom to personalize, and can choose any forelimb and rear handle among Lees's current 4 models of different performance forelimbs and 17 grips.Material reserves, hundreds of professional CNC lathes, American rod R & D team and advanced and scientific management concepts make Lees brand go higher and more stable. Through the unremitting efforts of its R&D team and the active and introduction of foreign technology, Lees R&D team created its own set of technical ideas. We continuously upgrade our products in manufacturing and sales, and continue to provide incredible technologies to users.

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